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Module Overview

This optional module does not include a series of lessons; it is intended to be a placeholder for a module-length period of instruction during which students engage in individualized work to deepen their learning and further prepare for the end of unit task. This is time that can be used for small-group reteaching, conferring with students, independent research, or working on thematically related creative projects.

Nota Bene

It is recommended that work undertaken during this optional module be framed by which end-of-unit task students will complete. This will set the stage for:

  • strategically grouping students into working groups;

  • identifying topics/ skills for reteaching;

  • conferring with students to support end-of-unit task planning/ address any needs for remediation;

The following working groups are merely suggestions that you might find useful as you think about whether it will be worthwhile to allocate additional class periods for this optional pre-task module. How you structure the work for these groups will vary according to the ways in which you have customized this unit to meet your students' needs.

  • Investigative Journalists: Students who are interested in conducting independent research into facial recognition technology.

  • Policy Makers: Students who are particularly interested in learning more about the ways in which policy at various levels (organizational, city, state, federal) can be used to regulate the application of FRT.

  • Deep Divers: Students in need of content review; this will likely be a group that will change depending on the skill identified for reteaching.

  • Artists & Activists: Students who are interested in making thematically aligned artworks in a variety of media--based on what materials you can make available in your setting.

  • Code Squad: Students who are interested in technical enrichment that remains thematically aligned with the unit.


Students working in the Investigative Journalists and Policy Makers groups will benefit from referring to the research tracker they developed in module one to support them in identifying a particular claim/ research focus. If your class did not do Module 5, students in these groups--particularly the Policy Makers--will find the resources in Module 5 of interest as these lessons focus on legislation.

Resources for students in the Reviewers group will vary according to their learning needs. Hopefully, you will find much of what is needed among the various resources included in this unit.

Materials included the EXTRA: Creative Resistance page might be of interest to students in the Artists & Activists and Code Squad groups.

Of course, all student groups can return to any of the previous modules and dig into resources that they did not have time to explore when the class was working on that particular lesson/ module. There are numerous enrichment articles and videos in each module that students might explore as they engage in independent research or as they revisit specific skills in small-group reteaching and practice.

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