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GRASP end of unit project

Project Overview

The end of unit project is a GRASP task (see Jay McTighe's and Grant Wiggins' GRASP template; see also Revisiting GRASPS: A model for project-based learning). The following scenario sets the stage for students to demonstrate their learning. Students are invited to choose from a menu of options as the format for their final project. Each option comes with instructions, requirements, and a rubric.


GOAL: The goal is to educate your community about facial recognition technology and how it is being deployed in your neighborhood and beyond.

ROLE: You are just a regular person who has been activated to speak up and organize others in your community after learning about the ways that FRT can both HELP and HARM neighborhoods.

AUDIENCE: You are presenting to your peers, family, neighbors, business owners, teachers, school administrators, and local politicians and police.

SITUATION: It’s happened yet again, another community member’s life has been disrupted by technology. Local detectives showed up at your uncle’s job and took him to the station for questioning because their facial recognition technology mis-identified him as the key suspect in a serious crime. Most of the community, along with the police, just trust that the “computer” is right and now are convinced that your uncle is guilty. What complicates the situation even more is the fact that this same technology has helped SOLVE other cases in your community. The community is so divided on this issue, the community board is hosting a debate to collectively develop recommendations for the NYPD and the mayor.

PRODUCT: You will create one of the following products in order to educate your community--including the police and political leaders--about facial recognition technology. Your project must touch on: technical, ethical, and civic concerns, along with recommendations for what role FRT should play--if any--in policing.

  • Menu of Options

    • video or live newscast with Q&A

    • editorial/argumentative essay

    • skit or short story that dramatizes the issue with Q&A

    • live or recorded presentation with Google slides with Q&A

    • live fishbowl SPAR debate OR recorded SPAR debate with Q&A

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